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We Live and Breathe Mobile Advertising

Mobile billboard advertising is all we do. Because Northeastern Media is a specialized company, we have a knowledge of the industry, and a level of expertise not normally found in an alternative-advertising company. We are a ROI-focused company, and we understand that in order to have a successful campaign, hard work, planning, and effort must be put into it.

Our goal is to place your company's message in front of your target demographic in a way that is beautiful, impossible to miss, targeted, enjoyable, and most of all, effective.

What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better

We are not brokers. We do not simply take your money then have a third party fulfill the campaign. Northeastern Media owns or leases all the equipment we use,and staff every campaign with our employees, not contractors. Because there is an art to effective mobile billboard operation, all of our drivers are experienced mobile billboard operators, and understand how to operate a billboard truck in a way that will gain the most impressions to our customer's ads, while at the same time, not tying up traffic.

Northeastern Media researches each market before a campaign to ensure that all permits are in place (if needed), and that all local ordinances are researched and obeyed. Rest assured that your mobile advertising campaign is in the very best hands when you use Northeastern Media.

Our Mobile Billboard Trucks

We use the latest in mobile billboard truck technology. Don't settle for the old "sign on wheels" mobile billboard, when you can use our lighted, tri-image mobile billboard trucks for your next campaign. Our trucks have tri-image signs on all four sides. Each sign holds 3 different ads and changes every 8 seconds. This allows up to twelve different signs to be displayed. Up to 720 sq/ft of sign space! Because we use tri-image signs, your message is constantly moving and changing which draws and holds the attention of your viewers. People smile at, point to, and pay attention to the advertisements on our mobile billboard trucks.

Complimentary Graphic Design Services

Northeastern Media is the only mobile billboard advertising company that offers graphic design services to its' clients at no additional charge. This value-added service may save your company hundreds, or thousands of dollars on you mobile billboard campaign. When working with a client on their campaign's signs, we are able to gain insight into the company, their services, their message, and who the message will be delivered to. This allows us to further understand our clients' campaign goals, and better engineer each campaign to meet our clients' highest hopes. Visit our Complimentary Graphic Design page to learn more.

Range of Service

We provide mobile billboard service to the entire Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Mid-South. We can handle campaigns of any size, and are unequaled in professionalism and attention to detail. We serve all points in the following states:

Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina

Precision Route Planning and Mapping

Northeastern Media is the industry leader when it comes to campaign route planning, and mapping. We take the time to understand where our clients' target demographic work, shop, play, and live. Before we start a campaign, we map out proposed routes using DOT traffic flow data for the coverage area. Attention is paid to heavy intersection traffic areas as well as pedestrian traffic. If no government traffic data is available, we will drive to the target area, and develop a route proposal based on real-world observations.

If requested by the customer, and for no additional fee, we will draw up a route proposal, and overlay it on a map. This allows for easier visualization, and makes it easy for the customer to view exactly where the coverage area will span.

All of our trucks are tracked via GPS, with their position, speed, and start/stop times are available in real time via the Internet. Don't trust your marketing dollars to a mobile billboard company that doesn't invest the time and energy required to ensure that your ads will be placed in the most desirable areas in every market.

Some of the cities we serve include:

Detroit, Michigan
Indianapolis, Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Minneapolis, Minnesota
St. Louis, Missouri
Cincinnati, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Akron, Ohio
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dayton, Ohio
Springfield, Missouri
Rockford, Illinois
Aurora, Illinois
Warren, Michigan
Naperville, Illinois
Flint, Michigan
Sterling Heights, Michigan
Evansville, Indiana
Lansing, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Independence, Missouri
Peoria, Illinois
Springfield, Illinois
South Bend, Indiana
Joliet, Illinois
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Gary, Indiana
Livonia, Michigan
Davenport, Iowa
Dearborn, Michigan
Elgin, Illinois
Waukegan, Illinois
Rochester, Minnesota
Westland, Michigan
Parma, Ohio
Cicero, Illinois
Columbia, Missouri
Hammond, Indiana
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Youngstown, Ohio
Decatur, Illinois
Troy, Michigan
Canton, Ohio
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