Graphic design services
Northeastern Media is proud to offer complimentary graphic design services to our clients.
We will design some or all of the signs needed for your mobile billboard campaign with
Northeastern Media.

Most mobile billboard companies don't even offer graphic design services, and most charge very high rates if they do offer them.

We will work with your company or organization to understand:
  • Exactly what your company does
  • Your company's colors, styles, and history
  • Your product's strengths
  • Your competitor's product's weaknesses
  • What your past and current advertising campaigns look like
  • What other forms of media you have used in the past, and how effective the ads were
  • Who your target audience is
When we better understand those items, we will be able to design signs for your
mobile billboard campaign that:
  • Target to your primary audience
  • Coincide with your past and current advertising campaigns in other media
  • Match your company's colors and style
  • Generate the results you are looking for in your mobile billboard advertising campaign

Even if you have graphic design talent on staff, or have a relationship with a designer you want to work with on your campaign, Northeastern Media can be of tremendous value to them. We will help them understand some of the mistakes that graphic designers sometime make when designing signs for mobile billboard use. Mistakes including:
  • Font not efficient for mobile billboard use
  • Too much copy for the read time allotted
  • Colors that are not ideal for mobile billboard usage
  • Photos that are difficult for your viewing audience to see quickly
To learn more about our complimentary graphic design services, use our Contact Form.